My name is Richard Pulliam, but I go by my middle name ‘Cody’. I’m a Sr. Data Scientist (DS) at Imperva. Although my current role is primarily a DS in the Marketing Ops org, I somehow always find myself undertaking projects in other areas of the business as well. Previous to Imperva, I worked for Raytheon under the Information Technology – Digital Solutions group where I learned a great deal about how a large corporation works. As well as the pain points and business questions a defense contractor usually try to solve.  I don’t think the role of a Data Scientist has yet been articulated into a cross-industry standard. Coincidentally though, many of the skills/expertise that are typically associated with DS roles, often match my background and aspirations in; applying learnt practices in data/actuarial science to business processes, enterprise system navigation, financial risk, data integration, machine learning modeling, and data analytics that turn data into knowledge and help drive data driven business decisions. I live in the Bay Area, where I think I fit in quite well among the other Tech Geeks. Please follow, like, post, as I share my interests, hobbies, and experiences with you on my website.