Beyond a Dashboard – Predictive Analytics for a Smarter Factory

Look for me at the upcoming Las Vegas TechEd Conference to learn more about using predictive analytics to empower its dashboard users with more than just descriptive statistics. Dashboards are undoubtedly great mediums for summarizing and drilling into data, but it can do more when applying predictive analytics and showing the users where to concentrate their attention on potential defects/opportunities. Stop by to understand the architecture utilizing SAP tools (like BW, HANA, and BOBJ) and hear about some practical applications to achieve a Smarter Factory.

In one practical application, we will go over the use of HANA’s analytic capabilities (PAL) on our SAP BW material quality data. Using SAP Design Studio to visualize the results, our Mission Assurance team will be warned of potential material quality problems by directing our Quality Engineers where to look for actionable insight.

In another example, we explain how the use of advanced analytics can proactively monitor our manufacturing engineering data. SAP HANA allows us to perform complicated calculations such as EWMA/V, event probabilities, and source of variation methods to large data sets in almost real time. Leveraging BI capabilities will arm our manufacturing engineers with insights to improve calibration frequency/cost, processes, tool acquisition decisions, and early warning scenarios.

If any of the above predictive analytic applications interest you, or you are looking for back-end to front-end architecture solutions using HANA, please make sure to stop by.



Register for our session here, Session ID – ANA106

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